B-school Competitions

Our students participate in and win awards in various business school events around the world and India.
A List of some of the competitions that our students have participated in and won :
International Events
Event Name: St. Gallen's Symposium
Organized By: International Students Committee, St. Gallen's University, Switzerland
Date of Event: 8th to 15th May, 2011
Rank/Position: Top 100 in World
Student Name: Rachna Biyani

Event Name: KPMG International Case Study Competition (KICC)
Organized By: KPMG Global
Date of Event: National Finals: 12th and 13th January, 2011
                           International Finals: 6th to 8th April, 2011
Rank/Position: National Champions (India)
                            5th Position in World Championship
Team Name: NSEW United (North, South, East, West United)
Team Members: Gajendra Mohan Jha
                               Alnoor Venkani
                               K. Ashok Chakravarty
                               Anupam Yadav

Event Name: Innovation Tournament 2011
Organized By: Knowledge@Wharton, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Wipro Technologies
Date of Event: First Stage: 7th March, 2011
                           Final Stage: 27th April, 2011
Rank/Position: Global Finalist (Top 10)
Student Name: Pranay Singh

National Events

Event Name: Yajna, Manfest 2011
Organized by: IIM Lucknow
Date of the Event: 22nd January, 2011
Team Members: Sauhil Kansal, Yowan Khandelwal, Inderjeet Singh
Rank/Position: Winners
Event Name : TAS Zeus Leadership Event
Organized By : IIM Lucknow  and Tata Administrative Services 
Team Name : Sociopaths
Team Members : Rishabh Gupta and Rituparna Das
Date : 22nd to 24th January, 2011
Rank/Position : Winners
Event Name : Godrej Brighter Living
Organized By : Godrej Industries Limited
Team Members : Sumit Jasoria and Vikrant Yadav
Date : 12th September, 2011
Rank/Position : National Champions

Event Name : Marketrix
Organized By : IIM Calcutta
Team Name : Trixters
Team Members : Aastha Chawla, Chitrang H. Desai and Rohitkuma Chaudhari
Date : 7th January, 2011
Rank/Position : Winners

Event Name : Darwin's Darling
Organized By : IIM Bangalore
Student Name : Rishabh Gupta
Date : 10th February, 2011
Rank/Position : Winner

Event Name: Phalanx, Best Managers Competition, Imperium'10
Organized by: MDI Gurgaon
Date of the Event: Dec'10
Team Members: Shashank Pandey, Shashi Shekhar
Rank/Position: 1st (Winners)
Event Name : Corragio
Organized By : IMT Ghaziabad
Team Name : Butter Chicken
Team Members : Aniket Samat, Reshbha Munjal and Siddhant Wangdi
Date : 28th November, 2010
Rank/Position : Winners

Event Name: Vivekananda Memorial Debate
Organized by: Sansad, Debating Society of IILM Institute for Higher Learning
Date of the Event: December 18 & 19, 2010
Team Members: Azar Zia, Rachna Biyani
Rank/Position: National Champions, Best Speaker : Rachna Biyani
Event Name : The Brand
Organized By : DMS, IIT Delhi
Team Name : RaSac
Team Members : Vivek Kumar and Rahul Kishore Singh
Date : 29h January, 2011
Rank/Position : Winners
 Event Name : Fusion 2010
Organized By : IMT Ghaziabad
Team Members : Karthik Kumar K. and Jamal Mohideen
Date : 4th December, 2010
Rank/Position : Winners

Event Name : L'Oreal Brandstorm 2010
Organized By: L'Oreal International
Team Members : Dhaval Sah, Neha Goyal and Saujanya Singh
Date : 15th March, 2011
Rank/Position : National Finalists

Event Name : Tata Crucibles Delhi Zone
Organized By : TATA Group
Team Members : Ahmad Firdaus and Siddhartha Banerjee
Date : 13th March, 2011
Rank/Position : Winners

Event Name: Last Man Standing, Hunt for Best Student Manager
Organised By: SIBM Pune
Date of Event : February 2010
Participant : Sarvesh Sahni
1st Runners Up

Event Name: Russel Paradox
Organized by: DMS, IIT Delhi
Date of the Event: 30th January, 2011
Team Name (if any): Rasac
Team Members: Vivek Kumar, Rahul Kishore Singh
Rank: 1st Runners up
Event Name: Cloud Connect
Organized by: DMS, IIT Delhi
Date of the Event: 29th January, 2011
Team Name (if any): Rasac
Team Members: Vivek Kumar, Rahul Kishore Singh
Rank: 1st Runners up
Event Name: NTPC Electron quiz
Organized by: NTPC
Date of the Event: 10/12/2010
Team Name (if any): FaMouS (F, M, S in caps)
Team Members: Satyajit Bagchi and Adeeb Wahab
Rank: Winners
Event Name: Airtel iCreate
Organized by: Airtel
Date of Event: 15 September, 2010
Team Members: Sumit Jasoria, Kamal Lochan, Uday Gupta
Rank/Position: All India 2nd Position (Prize: Rs 1 lakh)

Event Name: Mahindra Auto Quotient National Finals
Organized by: Mahindra and Mahindra
Date of Event: 31st October 2010
Team Members: Ahmad Firdaus & Siddhartha Banerjee