Other Activities

Our activities are aimed towards acquisition of knowledge through action and are directed towards giving a practical and current view based on the strong theoretical background we gain at the faculty.

Induction Activities

The Beer Game” is  a simulation of a typical Supply Chain wherein the product advances from one unit to another, the units being-The Factory, The Wholesaler, The Distributor and The Retailer. The retailer acted as a front end and received and fulfilled the customer orders, which were controlled by the consultants of positron. The only premise for this game was that no cross talk was allowed between the different units, as is the case in the real world.
Students are divided in groups of 3-4 with each representing a layer in the supply chain.  Once a few rounds are played, as the demand changes, the “bullwhip effect” takes centre stage and the chain starts to tumble.
In effect, this exercise makes the students aware of the dynamics of supply chain management. It gives clear insight as to why minimizing backlog is more important than minimizing the inventory for the successful functioning of a firm. The most interesting fact however is that the same results were obtained regardless of where this game was played across the world and also by whom it was played.
And most importantly it helps students break the ice with each other as it is a lot of fun!

“Manthan” – A IT case study competition is hosted during induction to give the students a primer into the industry. The best entries are made available on the Sys blog.

KT Sessions

Through this initiative, we encouraged seniors to have knowledge transfer sessions wherein they spoke to the juniors about their learnings in the business world and also shared their summer experiences with the first year students in order to guide them for the Summers 2006. The idea was to provide a window into the multifaceted world of IT. 

Dissemination of knowledge – a prime objective of Systems Society was taken further through a detailed collection of presentations developed by students in groups and then made accessible to all through a common pool. The topics covered not only the IT world but also essential ones cutting across all spheres.
These were few of the many other successful initiatives launched by Systems Society at FMS. 
The Systems Society works towards smooth functioning of all internet/computers related activities running in the campus throughout the year.

We are also responsible for Video Conferencing System which allows conferencing over both Web and ISDN lines. This system has been put in place keeping in mind the smooth functioning of the placement process as well as increasing the interactions with the corporates and academia through guest lectures and seminars.

The Society also takes care of the Online Induction and Learning Program for the incoming batch of students every year. The purpose is to introduce students to the domain of Information Technology and Operations through stimulating online games and quizzes which gave them a glimpse of the corporate environment and the training and preparation that would facilitate their journey towards becoming prodigious managers and global citizens.

he Society lately established presence on major social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn. It also runs a blog up to date with the latest happenings in the IT and Ops arena around the world.

The blog can be accessed at:-