About the Management Science Association
Your two years at FMS will be full of activities that stretch well beyond the classroom as you involve yourself in the various student's activities as well as contribute to the institute. As a Full Time MBA student at FMS you will join the Management Science Associations which coordinates all these activities.



Our Mission
Our mission is to promote learning. We believe that learning is not just what is taught within the confines of our classrooms. There is a lot to learn by involving oneself in various functional responsibilities, activities of the societies, community responsibilities as well as projects that companies offer on the campus. To this end we intend to judge ourselves by the most demanding of standards; to attract people of intellect and ability from all types of backgrounds and to encourage students to be bold, independent and creative thinkers.


MSA Advisor : Dr. Kavita Singh



The Team
General Secretary : Md.Riyaz Ahmed  (
Secretary - Finances : Anirudha Rathi  (
Secretary - Cultural Affairs : Rishabh Khandelwal (

Corporate Relations and Placement (
Secretary : Nithin Kumar (
Joint-Secretary: Aman Bedi (
Joint-Secretary: Dhruv Gupta (
Joint-Secretary: Jiggar Goyal (
Joint-Secretary: K.P. Athithya (
Joint-Secretary: Pramanshu Singh (
Joint-Secretary: Pranav Gupta (
Joint-Secretary: Prateek Aggarwal (
Joint-Secretary: Praveen Reddy (
Joint-Secretary: Sudha Sharma (


Media Relations (
Secretary: Rokesh Kumar
Joint-Secretary: Fahad Iqbal
Joint-Secretary: Sai Siddarth N
Joint-Secretary: Siddhartha Sahu


FMS Fiesta (
Secretary: Mohit Choudhary



Marketing Society: President – Ameya Kulkarni (
Finance Society: President – Prashant Roy Sharma (
Systems Society: President – M S Mohandev (
Consulting Club: President – RIshabh Gupta (
Entrepreneurship Cell: President – Vikram Singh (
HR & OB Society: President – Jasmeen Malhotra (
Scholastic Council : President – Sandeep Srinivas (
Vihaan - Social Service Cell: President – Aman Bhardwaj (
Sports Society: Secretary - Sunil Hooda (
Alumni Relations Cell: Secretary - Sourabh Jeswani (

For details on the societies and events at FMS, please contact
FMS Media Relations Office at +91 11 2766 6517 / 7199
Or mail us at or