The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) , University of Delhi made a modest beginning with a three year part-time Post graduate management programme in Business Administration for senior and middle level executives in 1954. The first set of professors was trained at the Stanford University Business School and institute was started at the Delhi School of Economics under the leadership of Prof A. Dasgupta. The past decades have witnessed a significant growth in the nature and number of programmes offered at the FMS. FMS has exchange programmes and collaborative arrangements with leading industrial and business houses, management institutions and professional associations in India and abroad. It is the founder member of the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA) and is working towards regional cooperation in management education and development in the spirit of SAARC. FMS is also one of the participating institutions in the India-EEC Exchange and Co-operation Programme for Management Professors.

In appreciation of its contributions, the Industrial Finance Corporation of India and Amway Corporation have created chair professorships in Industrial Management and Entrepreneurial Development respectively. Shanti Prasad Jain Advanced Management Research Center as a research and development wing of FMS has been setup at the University of Delhi, South Campus with assistance from Bennett Coleman & Company Limited.

Time Line:

In 1954

The Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education as one of the four centers for imparting management education in India. Subsequently a cell for business management is established at the school and a three year Post-Graduate Diploma course on a part-time basis for working executives is launched in 1955.

In 1959

The student Faculty body comprising different panels focusing upon distinct areas of interest was formed.

In 1961

A part-time Post-Graduate Diploma course in Industrial Management of three year duration for senior executives is initiated and the management cell of the Delhi School of Economics is upgraded into a Department of Business Management and Industrial Administration.

In 1962

FMS commenced enrolling doctoral students in Management.

In 1963

First case Book "Indian Cases in Management" was published.

In 1964

• Management Alumni was formed as an association to facilitate interaction between the faculty and alumni.
• Journal of Management Education- quarterly publication that features select articles of faculty and eminent writers was first published

In 1965

A Post-Graduate certificate course in office supervision for women with one year duration is launched.

In 1967

The department starts a full time Master of Business Administration for graduates with approval of All India Board of Management and the University Grants Commission.

In 1969

• The three year part-time Diploma courses are merged and a new course known as Master of Business Administration with three year duration for practicing managers is established.
• The new building is constructed.

In 1972

• A Diploma course in Personnel Management and another Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management of one year duration each are launched for executives with work experience.
• Towards the end of 1972, the department of Business Management and Industrial Administration is re-organized into Faculty of Management Studies with the Dean as the institutional head.
• A part time three year Master of Business Administration in Health Care Administration is launched for MBBS degree holders with administrative experience

In 1975

In appreciation of its contribution in the development of Management education, the IFCI created a chair for professorship in Industrial Management.

In 1979

• The Master of Philosophy Programme in Management is started in 1980.
• An endowment with an initial offer of Rs 50 Lakhs , proposed by the management of Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd. to the FMS is accepted by the Executive Council of University of Delhi to set up "Shanti Prasad Jain Advanced Management Research Centre" (SPJAMRC) within FMS.

In 1980

The Master of Philosophy Programme in Management is started in 1980. The faculty had been enrolling doctoral students in Management since 1962.

In 1982

SPJMARC formally launched with a view to promote and support research and Training of managers and academicians from India and Abroad.

In 1986

The certificate course in office supervision for women is upgraded into a one year Post-Graduate Diploma in Administrative Management for experienced executives.

In 1987

The three year part-time Diploma courses in Personnel Management, Marketing and Sales Management and Administrative Management are upgraded and integrated into a three year part-time MBA with provision at the end of the second year for the following Diploma Programmes:
• Diploma in Marketing Management
• Diploma in Financial Management
• Diploma in Production and Operations Management
• Diploma in Human Resources Management
• Diploma in Small Business Management

In 1989

FMS, launched a two year full time MBA in Public Systems Management for Executives sponsored by industry, business and/ or government at the SP Jain Center , South Campus. This programme has its emphasis on the government and the service sector, education, energy, water and forest resource management.

In 1990

FMS collaborates with the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) funded by the European Commission.

In 1991

FMS increases the intake capacity of full time MBA Programme from 60 to 90 students and starts a new section at the SP Jain Center , South Campus.

In 1999

• Amway Enterprise Ltd. instates the University of Delhi Amway Professorship of Entrepreneurial Development.
• VKRV Rao Hostel (for men), University of Delhi, is constructed wherein majority of the seats are reserved for FMS candidates.


• FMS undertakes an MoU with the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.
• FMS undertakes an MoU with the University of Trinidad.
• FMS introduces substantial renovation including that of the MSA Centre.

In 2003

MBA in Management of Services initiated with 44 seats at SPJMARC at South Campus.

In 2011

MBA(FT) and MBA(MS) courses merged together.