Marcus takes care of all communications - both internal and external - at FMS, and serves as the official mouthpiece of the Management Science Association. Its has a range of truly multi-functional and diverse activities and responsibilities.

Some of the activities undertaken by us are:

  1. All publications that come out of FMS, including the Prospectus and Admissions Brochure and the Student Resources Guide.
  2. Special Publications like Spark & Kairos - the newsletters of FMS
  3. Publication of the Personalized Business Cards for each future manager at FMS.
  4. Intensive relationship-building with personalities from the media domain.
  5. Comprehensive coverage and reportage of activities happening at campus.
  6. Updating and streamlining the FMS website.

Marcus sets a scorching pace as far as work schedule throughout the year is concerned. Time is however, not the greatest of our friends. This is one team which feels the inadequcy of having only 24 hours, in a day. That is why, we look for people who have the ability to hit the ground running with implementation of their ideas.