FMS Human Resources Conclave 2011
The HR Chapter of the Conclave was held at ITC Sheraton, Saket, Delhi on 4th September from 4pm onwards.
Theme of the discussion: Harnessing the power of youth to drive business ahead
The discussion panel included the following members:
1. Prof A Venkat Raman, FMS Delhi
2. Joyce Wicherts, HR Director, Philips
3. Sumeet Mayor, Director, Linkage Inc.
4. Rajiv Sahdev, VP, HR, Moser Baer
5. Alka Mittal, DGM, HR, ONGC
Prof. Venkat Raman of FMS was the key note speaker of the discussion. He set the direction and gave a broad idea about the whole discussion. With supporting data he said that in India the youth will prevail at least for the next 16 years. The demographic dividends of this transition are faster technological absorption, innovation, risk taking attitude, productive performance etc. In the new era the Indian families are becoming more urban and nuclear, as a result individualism and freedom are increasing and responsibility, sentiments are reducing.
Ms. Joyce Wicherts was the next panel member to talk. As per her the key opportunity and theme of Indian economy is talent. And if organizations can attract and harness the power of youth they can be successful. She then went on to discuss the Gen Y and the key differentiator of Gen Y. She gave her perspective of India in the global market and the implications to companies. Some of the opportunities provided by the youth are : Innovations to the company, Transformational(ready to change the conventions) and to drive success, and willingness to make a difference. Also she provided the major challenges faced, which are : Scarcity of HR, Job hopping, Urban citizens(not willing to move to rural India where the future growth is expected), and generation diversity.
Mr. Sumeet Mayor of Linkage Inc. talked about the need for leadership development and perception management. He implored to ask the right questions to increase organization development. He told that Communication is the key driver to the super power road. Success  depends on how you engage people in an organization
Mr. Rajiv Sahdev of Moser Baer said that with the changes in the era the requirements also changes and so there will be mismatch and this creates new challenges. He said that parallel to the growth of the center of excellency there is a growth of deficiency and we need to harness the benefits at the same time should provide nourishments to the society. So if we don’t take care of the deficiency the Indian growth story will die down.
Ms. Alka Mittal of ONGC talked about the various initiatives talking by ONCG to adjust with the changing time. She said that today ONGC is competing for talent, unlike in the past. Some of the responses taken by ONGC are structure, process & manning pattern revamp, Corporate restructuring, recognizing innovation and risk taking attitude.