Operations Management Initiatives


Live Projects


  • Bharti Walmart -  The company offered projects in the field of Supply Chain Management. This gave students an opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real life projects with a company known for its robust supply chains.
    Mr. Gaurav Saxena, DGM, Bharti Walmart had come down to campus for a guest lecture on  "Careers  in operations and supply chain". It helped build awareness and enhance interest for the domain.
  • EIH - East India Hotels (Oberoi Group of Hotels) launched a project for consolidation of Contracts in the purview of Operations.
    Mr. Ashish Mendiratta, VP, Materials, EIH India Pvt. Ltd. conducted a guest lecture on "Supply chain management industry and career prospects” on campus to help the students with their career choices. He has over 18 years of experience in the field of supply chain management.


Guest Lectures and Workshops

Guest lectures and Workshops give the students an insight into the working of the corporate world, the success stories and the practical viewpoint to the theoretical background we gain from our curriculum.

A few of the highlights this year included –

Supply Chain Workshop – By ThinkLink Learning & Ashish Mendiratta
FMS Delhi organized the 'International Supply Chain Management” workshop in association with ThinkLink Learning.  The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ashish Mendiratta, Vice-President, EIH (Oberoi Hotels).
The Objectives of this workshop included –

  • Understanding the challenges in International logistics
  • Terms of Trade and Payment
  • The need/Export and Import of International Documentation
  • Terms of International Insurance
  • A detailed overview of Customs Clearance

The workshop was a huge hit with over 70 students attending it.

The Past few years
Systems Society has always been active in keeping the students abreast with the domain by regularly holding workshops and lectures over the years. Some of them are mentioned below.

IBM Supply Chain Workshop ( August 2007 ) 
FMS Delhi organized the 'Integrated Services Supply Chain Workshop' in association with IBM Business Consulting Group on the 8th of August, 2007.
The workshop was conducted by two international speakers, Mr. Mark Henderson, Program Director, Workforce Optimization, IBM Integrated Supply Chain and Mr. Priyadarshan Deshmukh, Asia Pacific Sourcing Manager, Technology, IBM Integrated Supply Chain.
The objectives of this workshop included -

  • Understanding how supply chain principles and processes are critical to supporting and delivering services
  • Overview of how goods availability (components and finished goods) must be coordinated with resources and expertise to meet a service demand
  • Understanding (at a high level) the evolving / maturing nature of services based businesses and the emergence of "Services Science"
  • Develop a basic understanding and awareness of how to market your skills and knowledge in Supply Chain management across multiple service based industries.


Supply Chain Workshop - THE BEER GAME (September 2005) The nuances of Supply Chain were made easy in a fun filled knowledge session by Positron Consultants. This was amongst the most successful and appreciated events on Campus for the Second Years batch. 
Indus Logic Leadership & Entrepreneurship (Dec 2004) Entrepreneurship is the rage amongst young Indians and FMSites are not to be left behind. This presentation gave direction to the students on the pathway to success as an entrepreneur and focused on challenges and roadblocks that would be faced.
Sapient and SCM Workshop (2004) Sapient and SCM Workshop – i2 Technologies were also the highlights of this year’s activities.