"Forget words like 'hard sell' and 'soft sell.' That will only confuse you. Just be sure your advertising is saying something with substance, something that will inform and serve the consumer, and be sure you're saying it like it's never been said before."
William Bernbach

"I have learned that you can't have good advertising without a good client, that you can't keep a good client without good advertising, and no client will ever buy better advertising than he understands or has an appetite for."
Leo Burnett

"You need to build addiction. Once you get users hooked to a service, price sensitivity changes."
Tomi Ahonen

"Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise."
Ted Turner

Historians and archaeologists will one day discover that the ads of our time are the richest and most faithful reflections that any society ever made of its entire range of activities."
Marshall McLuhan, Canadian communications theorist, 1911-1980.


"Advertising research is one-half frustration, one-half exclamation point, and one-half question-mark. If this adds up to more than 100 percent, it proves that mathematics and research sometimes gives confusing results."
Michael P. Ryan, of Allied Chemical Corp, 1968.


If you can, be first. If you can't be first, create a new category in which you can be first."
Al Ries & Jack Trout, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, 1994


"As you travel down life's highway...whatever be your goal, you cannot sell a doughnut without acknowledging the hole."
Harold J. Shayler