To transform FMS into a truly global B-school campus providing it's students cross-cultural exposure and a global perspective.



To promote international relations at FMS while developing and fostering Global Management acumen in the students.


About Us

The FMS scholastic council (FSC) was founded in 2007 with the purpose of enhancing the learning experience at FMS. FSC interfaces the relations between the students and the faculty. The focus area for team FSC lies in establishing international linkages which would catapult the Brand FMS on a global scale by establishing international programs, global alliances and conferences.

We also believe in supplementing the learning with conducting workshops, arrangement of guest lectures and facilitating the arrangement of key study material that allow student to develop an holistic perspective of the environmental issues.


Contact Us:
FMS Scholastic Council
Management Science Association
Faculty of Management Studies
University of Delhi ,North campus
Delhi - 110 007
Email: fsc@fms.edu