Shanti Prasad Jain Advanced Management Research Centre under the Faculty of Management Studies was established in 1982 to promote management research, education and training of managers, executives and academicians associated with the management discipline. It now looks forward to new Executive Development Programmes in Public Enterprise Management and Public Systems Management, Entrepreneurial Development, Strategic Management, Management of Services, Human Resource Development and such other areas of vital importance to the economy which have not so far been benefited from management education. The Centre:

  • Undertakes and supports scholarly management research in several streams such as Private Sector Industries; Public Enterprises and Government; Public Services; Rural and Agricultural Development; Comparative Management; and Transnational Management;
  • Organizes conferences, seminars and conventions for development of management education through teaching and training activities;
  • Extends professional services to business, government, industry and other organizations at the national and international levels;
  • Arranges collaborative activities at the national and international level through exchange of researchers, teachers and other related interest groups; and
  • Supports dissemination of professional literature through publications.