Vihaan - Social Service Cell


Various projects that Vihaan has already undertaken in the first few months of its existence are given below:

Project Drishti - Venu Eye Awareness Campaign

Vihaan launched project Drishti in co-ordination with Venu Eye Institute. Project Drishti involves developing a promotional strategy for eye donation awareness in the Delhi University. The initial phase of the project would focus on areas like identifying the reasons for lack of awareness in the youth , the barriers for eye donation and also identifying the opportunities for promotion of awareness on eye donation. The team would then come up with strategies for promotion for eye awareness in the Delhi University which would include segmentation and positioning , media design ,identifying target colleges , designing a cost effective media plan and detailed estimation of finances .
The latter phase of the project would cover the financial aspects like drawing up of financial plans, identifying ways of raising funds. In the implementation phase, the team would collaborate with Department Of Social Work, Delhi University and the members would co-ordinate the implementation between the Venu Eye Institute and Department Of Social Work

Pavitra Gupta
Chhavi Singhal
Harsh Raj Kumar
Lisa Mohapatra
Shilpi Sarwan
Shreekar Sudarshan
Srikant Rameshan

Project Sparsh-Ek Prayatana
Sparsh-Ek Prayatana is a Non Government Organisation registered at an all India level. The NGO teaches underprivileged children the basics to ensure them to take flight in later years of their lives. Although the organisation has primarily focused on the education sector so far it now aims to venture into other areas of development while simultaneously scaling up the outreach of their education programme. It is in this endeavour that We, at FMS decide to put our minds together and come up with the necessary strategy for the NGO. The ongoing project involves studying successful NGO’S in various sectors and trying to identify the best practices for Sparsh to replicate. The work is challenging, but visits to the Sparsh run centres, meeting children with bright earnest faces keeps the team charged up. It’s also giving the team exposure to the kind of problems that a small venture on the threshold of expansion faces. Experience that no doubt will come in handy in the course of their careers, while reminding them of their responsibility towards those less fortunate.

Poonam Bhatt
Abhinav Chugh
I Hareesha Rao
Amit Kumar
Siddhesh Agashe

Project SWERA

This project was undertaken in association with IVolunteer and Social Welfare and Environment for Rural Advancement (SWERA). Two of our students Abhinav Bhatia and Aditi Jaisia, visited 14-15 villages in the area around Shrinagar, about 20 kms from Ajmer in Rajasthan. The objectives of the project were ‘to assess the credibility of the new and existing Self Help Groups (SHGs) functional in and around these villages’ and ‘to find out livelihood options for the women in the SHGs in and around Shrinagar (Ajmer District)’.

Abhinav Bhatia
Aditi Jasia

Project Yojana
Project Yojna was launched in association with Parichay which is an NGO that aims to provide non-formal education to street children and also deals in spices and handicrafts items, which are made by SHGs in the area of Bhajanpura. Presently, Parichay’s marketing is limited only to setting up stalls in institutions and fairs. In associations with them, Vihaan has initiated Project Yojana whereby it will help in devising a comprehensive marketing plan for Parichay products and also help them in corporate liaison by soliciting corporate support for Parichay through CSR initiatives.

Karanjit Bhagi
Jitesh Agarwal
Sanket Gujjal

Project Nirmaan

Nirmaan is a project launched in association with an NGO’ Pratham’. Pratham serves economically challenged and underprivileged children across 20 states in India. The objective of the project is to build a sustainable business model for a vocational-cum-community centre in a community area. The project aims to identify various vocational courses that can be conducted at the centre, drawing an effective business plan to market and sell the products developed at the centre and working out the financial inputs and exit strategy for Pratham.
Students also have to identify the potential markets for the products and the strategy for targeting these markets.

Vasundhara Bisht
Vishwapati Singh
Priyanka Verma
Kabilan A
Nikhil Bhiwapurkar