Fiesta Events


Fiesta events:

The Finance Society organized an online Banking Simulation game as a precursor to the Finance Events at FMS. It was a 2-stage event. The first stage was an online banking quiz. Over 200 applicants from various B-schools participated in the contest. 30 teams were short-listed. Each team was given a corpus of Rs. 300 crores and had to manage a bank. Each team competed against the other 29 teams for retail loans, corporate loans, and deposits. Every bank was also given the option of investing in government securities, equities and the foreign exchange markets. At the same time, they were required to maintain the requisite CRR, SLR and CAR. It was a 4 day simulation game, and the team with maximum profits at the end of the game duration was declared the winner. The team from NITIE was first and the team from IIM-C was second.

Split Hairs
The Finance Society hosted a country case analysis for the investment climate. It saw widespread participation from the nation’s best B School’s. Teams from IIFT, IIMC, IIMK. MDI, IIFT reached the final round. In this round each team made an investment pitch for their chosen country. The winner was the team from IIFT. The second position was shared by the teams from IIMK and IIMC. The event was judged by Mr. Prateek Indwar from Bank of America, Prof. Vivek Suneja from the Faculty of Managemnt Studies, Mr. Gupta, a former member of the SEBI.
The event saw a healthy exchange of ideas from all three- the participants, the audience members, and the judges. The PESTEL analysis was adopted to explicate the dimensions of the investment decisions. The insight gained highlighted that ideal investment strategy would encompass an entry and exit route, the mode and medium of investment, the key sectors driving growth as also the degree of permanency of the growth drivers. The enlightening presentations were a compendium of facts and figures, consulting reports, future prospect analysis and the opinions of world renowned leaders.

Cold Fusion
The preliminary round comprised of a quiz. The qualifying teams participated in the final round wherein they presented a merger and acquisition strategy. The example of Punjab National Bank was taken, and each team had to present their strategy along with the underlying rationale. Teams from IIM C and FMS reached the finals. The competition was judged by Prof. Mitra and Prof. Madhu Vij. The question and answer round of the presentation was intellectually stimulating as it brought forth various dimensions on which such decisions are made. The discussions showed that a combination of technological compatibility factors, financial and economic factors, HR aspects have to been taken into account to help ensure post merger success.

The ‘Fun Event’ of finance society saw widespread participation and high levels of enthusiasm. It consisted of various rounds: the creative round, the stock market investment round, the sectoral investment round, the rapid fire round. The creative round was judged by Prof. Kavita Sharma, and Prof. Sunita Singh SenGupta. The audience rounds were earnestly awaited as the chocolates and T shirts left all awaiting their lucky chance. Overall, the event was a mélange of finance and economic knowledge, creativity, reasoning, and not to forget- good memory!

The paper presentation contest required an in-depth analysis of the changing dimension of international level multilateral organizations like the IMF and the World Bank. After the initial screening, selected participants submitted their presentations.