The Consulting Club

Consulting Club: Grooming "The future consultants" at FMS
The Consulting Club is a student-run organization with the agenda of liaising with Global Consults to increase their presence at FMS, while working towards preparing the students for a career in consulting. In addition to providing practical experience through workshops, guest lectures facilitation, the Club serves as the nucleus for pioneering strategy games and consulting projects and has developed a reputation for unmatched innovation, with activities spanning several spheres like Management Consulting, Risk Advisory, Process/Operations Consulting, IT Consulting, Benchmarking Advisory.

Our Mission: "Why we exist"

To develop, enhance and showcase the Consulting potential of FMS students, that attracts top consulting firms to campus.


Our Vision: "Where do we want to go in the future?"

Build awareness and generate interest for the consulting domain among students.

Create and Maintain long-term corporate relationships with top consulting firms of the world.

Make available all resources necessary to build content and competency on campus.