Entrepreneurship Cell

'Entrepreneurship Cell' at FMS is an endeavor to create opportunities for people across India in realizing their dreams of starting up.

We believe innovation invigorates human change and progression and the specific instrument for innovation is entrepreneurship – the act that endows resources with a new competence to create wealth.

To start up on your own you need essentially three things.

• Ideas
• Passion and
• Guidance to convert the ideas.

All three of them together in life are a rarity. E-cell at FMS is an endeavor to provide every individual who desires these three ingredients at the same time and at the same place. Its aim is to create the requisite support structure that an individual needs in his quest for the unknown and unexplored zone of entrepreneurship.


E-Cell Mission

To foster and sustain the spirit of Entrepreneurship amongst people across theworld and provide them with a platform to convert their ideas to businesses.


E-Cell Vision
• To establish ourselves as a complete Incubation Centre providing support across all facets of entrepreneurship and throughout all stages of entrepreneurial ventures.

• To initialize The National Entrepreneurship Network thereby joining hands with the like-minded communities towards a common goal.

• To bring the brightest ideas from around the world to the forefront by organizing timely Entrepreneurship Challenges assuring exposure to budding entrepreneurs.

Website: http://www.ecell-fms.com


We can be contacted at :

Entrepreneurship Cell

Management Science Association

Faculty of Management Studies

University of Delhi

Delhi - 110 007

Email: ecell@fms.edu