Our activities are aimed towards acquisition of knowledge through action and are directed towards giving a practical and current view based on the strong theoretical background we gain at the faculty.

The Beer Game – A SysSoc Initiative
Syssoc, the systems society of FMS, Delhi hosted “The Beer Game” in association with “Positron Consulting” on Saturday, August 26, 2006. It saw lively participation from both the second ,as well as, the first years.

“The Beer Game” was a simulation of a typical Supply Chain wherein the product advances from one unit to another, the units being-
The Factory, The Wholesaler, The Distributor and The Retailer. The retailer acted as a front end and received and fulfilled the customer orders, which were controlled by the consultants of positron. The only premise for this game was that no cross talk was allowed between the different units, as is the case in the real world.

The students were divided into groups of eight and four teams of two each were formed. Two people facing each other belonged to each unit in all the teams. Now, the objective of the game was to minimize the inventory and backlog to the lowest value possible but more focus was to be directed to backlog as it cost double the value. The students took three to four rounds to get accustomed to the nuances of the game. There were supposed to be fifty rounds but everybody was taken aback when the game was declared over after 30 rounds itself. This was because at this point, each team had a lot of inventory in store owing to the varying customer demands which were out of their control.

In the end, all teams made graphs depicting the orders placed at each round by each unit. A comparison of these graphs invariably revealed the same pattern for all the teams. This was followed by a brief discussion as to why there were spikes in the graph and how the demand for a product tends to vary. The key elements of the game and how they affected the game was also discussed. According to the Syssoc President Parag Bidarkar, “It was an enlightening experience for all of us. We thank Positron for providing us with a platform where we could learn and have fun at the same time. There cannot be a better way to practically apply what we have learnt. We would certainly like to hold this event again.”

In effect, this exercise made the students aware of the dynamics of supply chain management. It gave clear insight as to why minimizing backlog is more important than minimizing the inventory for the successful functioning of a firm. The most interesting fact however was that the same results were obtained regardless of where this game was played across the world and also by whom it was played.

The feedback received from all the students was very positive. A second year student Deepti Aggarwal said “Congrats on successfully hosting the Beer Game. It was indeed an eye opening experience!” This was the common voice of all present there.

All in all, it was a fun-filled knowledge session which was enjoyed by all!

Systems Society has played an active role in equipping the students with the best practices and in turn bringing out the best in them. This is accomplished by various competitions organized by the Systems Society.

One such event was the enthralling skit competition 'SysKhichdi' organized during the induction fortnight in July 2006. It was an attempt to explore the creative minds of the freshly inducted batch of 2008 through a small skit play they were to enact in a very short time span thus testing the students ability to think on the fly.

Knowledge Sessions
Through this initiative, we encouraged seniors to have knowledge transfer sessions wherein they spoke to the juniors about their learnings in the business world and also shared their summer experiences with the first year students in order to guide them for the Summers 2006. The idea was to provide a window into the multifaceted world of IT.

Dissemination of knowledge – a prime objective of Systems Society was taken further through a detailed collection of presentations developed by students in groups and then made accessible to all through a common pool. The topics covered not only the IT world but also essential ones cutting across all spheres.
These were few of the many other successful initiatives launched by Systems Society at FMS.

Guest Lectures and Workshops
Guest lectures and Workshops give the students an insight into the working of the corporate world, the success stories and the practical viewpoint to the theoretical background we gain from our curriculum.

These organized last year included :

ISI Emerging Markets ( Oct 2005 ) It witnessed the batches get a feel of the entire process of database creation in great detail. The whole 3 hour session was an absorbing one with specific queries of students being answered.

Hewlett Packard – Roles in IT ( September 2005) The different roles a management graduate is expected to play in Systems domain were put across in a lucid manner. The presentation was attended and enjoyed by both the batches. It was directed specially towards the Second Year’s batch with the final Placements in mind.

Satyam Computers – Career Growth in Industry (Aug 2005) A focus was provided on how the career progression of a Systems Specialist is when he joins the industry. Special attention was given to the branching out of careers in the domain and the session aimed to throw some light on careers in IT especially to the First Year’s batch.

Supply Chain Workshop - THE BEER GAME (September 2005) The nuances of Supply Chain were made easy in a fun filled knowledge session by Positron Consultants. This was amongst the most successful and appreciated events on Campus for the Second Years batch.

Indus Logic Leadership & Entrepreneurship (Dec 2004) Entrepreneurship is the rage amongst young Indians and FMSites are not to be left behind. This presentation gave direction to the students on the pathway to success as an entrepreneur and focused on challenges and roadblocks that would be faced.

Microsoft Presentation (2004) An interaction with the worlds leading Operating Systems Developer gave the students an opportunity to learn about the different facets of marketing IT products.

Sapient and SCM Workshop (2004) Sapient and SCM Workshop – i2 Technologies were also the highlights of this years activities.

System society publishes a quarterly magazine called Syzzler. It aims to provide the latest paradigm of the systems world and the industry updates to keep the students abreast with the changing trends of the rapidly progressing industry. To download our Syzzler "Summer Special", please click here.