Student Speak

Eine Reise
by Namrata Saigal (FMS '10)

It's been a little more than a year since I have been here at FMS. In this span of time, there has been so much to learn and experience, share and enjoy, introspect and evaluate.There are so many ways in which FMS is like a regular B school, classes, guest lectures, workshops, society activities, projects and assignments, et al. yet there are these ways in which FMS is truly unique, with its characteristic pizzazz and verve. FMS is not just an institute but a wholesome experience, which teaches you about life. As you learn about bottom lines and number crunching, marketing insights and a million odd theories in organizational behavior, you also learn to be mature, self reliant and also somewhere down the line, the entire gamut of events and happenings around you make you focused. You know precisely what all you stand for and what more can you strive for, what all that you need to drop and what all you need to imbibe and of course, stay in the race and come out with flying colors.

One of greatest advantages that I feel about this institution is the small batch size wherein everybody knows everybody, and there is this sense of camaraderie and belongingness. And this is owing to that wonderful initial period of induction and socialization that we all go through, working together in teams with crisp deadlines and deliverables that help us understand and appreciate each other better. There are people from diverse backgrounds, several university toppers, financial whiz kids, doctors, a formidable battalion of engineers, and the likes. And there is also geographical diversity ensuring that when all 109 of us are in class together, it feels like a mini- India! Pick up a language or two here and there over treats from Anna's or muse over the world and its current happenings during walks across to nearby Stephen's or Hindu college. Discuss about the case study over a quick game of TT or debate about the latest interest rate hike while going for those countless movies at Plaza or Rivoli, it is all such a splendid experience.

At FMS, there is just no scope to be bored, there is always so much that you can do. Academics are not just about a rectangular whiteboard and power points but also group tasks, field trips and projects that encourage you to think beyond what is obvious. Then there are the various societies that come up with uber-interesting events to keep you on your feet. In general, the students are so driven that they participate in live projects and competitions which help them explore the infinite possibilities that exist for a modern day business school student. Thrown in along with are various cultural and sporting events that prove that FMS is a campus of all-rounders. And not to forget the innumerable parties that we had so far, (and many more to come!) makes it all a riot of fun interspersed with invaluable learning with doing. There is always a heavy dose of motivation in the air, especially because of people having rich work experiences with them and always working on something or the other. Truly, FMS is one place where you will easily find your 'culture-fit'. And as I think ahead of the time when I shall leave the hallowed portals of this institution, I can't help but thinking of Auld Lang Syne….this is going to be one place that I will always miss and where I would want to come back to just about anytime. Its going to be my journey, and like they say in German, my Eine Reise…