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About Me:
Faculty at FMS since 1985, he has also worked with TCS, Delhi and MDI, Gurgaon. He is actively involved in teaching, training, research and consultancy in the areas of Information Technology Management, Computerization of Business Systems, and Business Process Re-engineering.
Areas of Interest/Specialisation:
Management of Information Technology, Computer Application in Management,Business Process Re-engineering
Books/Working Papers:
1. MIS in Public Sector

1. Presented the inaugural keynote address on “E-Governance: Transforming the National Bone Marrow” on 2-7-2001 in the 24th National IT convention of the computer society of Sri Lanka held at hotel Hilton, Colombo.

2. Presented a Keynote Address on “Computer Based Information Systems in Supply Chain Management” on 04-02-2000 in ISTE Seminar on Computer Based Management Information System for Optimum Utilization of Resources: Purchase and distribution, organized by Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana

3. Led two one-day seminars on IT for Executive and Administrators of Sri Lanka between 26-27 January, 2001. The seminars were on topics: Leveraging IT for competitive advantage and E Governance.

4. Presented a paper titled “Relevance of Nolan’s Stage Hypothesis in Contemporary Information Technology Management” in ICOBM- II organized by Nirma Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, January 3-6, 2000. Also chaired the session B54 in the same conference.

5. Chaired a session “Impact of technology on case method” on 23-12-1999 in the National Case Development Workshop organized by Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. Also presented a paper on Impact of IT on Case Methods.

6. Presented a Research paper titled “Cultural changes over different stages of Nolan’s stage hypothesis for information technology management” in the 6th annual International Management Conference organized by Makerere University Business School, Uganda, December 7-10, 1999

7. Presented a key note address to the members of the All India Management Association on the 24th September 1999 at the SCOPE complex on the topic “Managing Informational Technology for Competitive Advantage”
Research Papers/Projects:
1. Bheda, Rajesh, M.L. Singla, and A.S.Narag,"Apparel Manufacturing Productivity in India: Characteristics of Low, Medium and High Performers", The Journal of The Textile Institute, UK (Paper accepted and awaits publication).

2. Bheda, Rajesh, M.L. Singla, and A.S.Narag, "Apparel Manufacturing in India: A Strategy for Productivity Improvement", Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, UK (Paper accepted and awaits publication)

3. Bheda, Rajesh, M.L. Singla, and A.S.Narag, "Productivity Research in Apparel Industry", Productivity, New Delhi,(Paper accepted and awaits publication)

4. Singla, M.L., "Competing on e-enabled Supply Chains", Productivity, New Delhi (Paper accepted and awaits publication)

5. Singla M.L, "Relevance of Nolan's Stage Hypothesis in Contemporary IT Management", in Emerging Role of IT the Global Business Environment, edited by O.K. Gupta, New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd, 2000.

6. Singla, M.L. "Writing Project Reports: Some Guidelines", The Business Review, Srinagar, Volume 6, Nos. 1-2, 2000.

7. Singla, M.L, "E-volving India Inc. Com", in Business Today- The BT Special Millennium Edition, Jan.7-21, 2000

8. Singla, M.L, "Using IT for Competitive Advantage-A supply chain perspective", Productivity, New Delhi, Vol. 41, No.2.

9. Bhalla V.K. and Singla M.L., "Corporate Finance: Shifting Paradigms", in Contemporary Issues in Finance, Edited by Bhalla, V.K, New Delhi: Anmol Publications, 1999.

10. Singla M.L., "Managing Information Technology Leadership", Indian Management, New Delhi, October 1999.

11. Narag A.S. and Singla, M.L., "DSS in Public Sector Undertakings in India", Management in Government, New Delhi, March 1999.

12. Singla M.L., "Vulnerability Analysis with Analytic Hierarchy Process Modeling", Productivity, New Delhi. Vol. 39, No. 4, Jan-Mar, 1999.
Work in Progress/Assignment Undertaken:
Has acted as IT Advisor for many organizations. Taught two IT Courses at the California State University, Fullerton Campus (USA) for their Summer Schedule – 2001.