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Dr. Soma Dey
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). North Campus. University of Delhi.
Ph.D. in Economics (University of Minnesota) M.Phil. (IGIDR)
Academic Experience:
2011 till date: Faculty, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). University of Delhi. Delhi 2005 - 2011: Faculty, Business School, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore. 1999 - 2005: Instructor, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota, USA. 2003 - 2005: Visitor, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, USA. 1998 - 1999: Research Assistant, IGIDR, Mumbai, India.
Areas of Interest/Specialisation:
Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Intellectual Property, Innovation
Books/Working Papers:
Do firms value knowledge spillover? A model of R&D competition, spillover and product differentiation. (Joint with Fu Qiang)
Research Papers/Projects:
The New National IPR Policy 2016: Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry, GGGI Management Review, 2017. Does a Strong Patent Regime Encourage Innovation?, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 2016. The New Surrogacy Bill 2016: Is Exclusion the only Form of E ective Regulation?, Journal of Reproductive Health and Medicine, 2016. Teaching Ambiguity: Dealing with Conflicting Issues in Business Education, Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education, 2015. Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Crisis and its Repercussions on Microfinancing Activities in India, Global Journal of Management and Business Studies, 2013. Joint with Prabhjot Kaur. Using Class Journal as a Learning Tool, Experiments in Pedagogy: Selected papers from Professional Development Programme (Teaching), NUS, Volume 2, 2007.
Research interests:
I am interested in understanding several issues in Industrial Organization, specifically issues related to R&D and Intellectual Property (IP). At present I am studying how firms make strategic R&D and patenting decisions taking into account the nature of the industry. I have also examined how IP and knowledge spillover comes into play when firms are making strategic decisions about their product characteristics. Another aspect of my research program is to understand what kind of IP regime would encourage innovation versus strategic patenting.
Work in Progress/Assignment Undertaken:
Biocon: Taking a Crack at the Global Biosimilar Market (under review) Extended Producer Responsibility: Understanding the Indian Context. Patent regimes and R\&D: A firm level study of the Semiconductor industry A model of skill premium and market for ideas Exclusive Contract and Price Collusion Intergenerational occupational mobility in private vs. public schooling in the U.S.: An empirical analysis. (Joint with Urvi Neelakantan)